Books and Videos

There are quite a few books for sale. A lot of music-related books about The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Yes, Stone Roses, The Cure, Sex Pistols, Velvet Underground, etc.  There's a first edition copy of Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit".  There's an exhibit catalog from John Lennon's 1970 Bag One art show.  Some guitar tablature books.  A lot of reference books. Too much to really list here.

Also, there are many art books.  particularly Impressionists and Modern artists.

And, quite a bit of HP Lovecraft.

I don't have a ton of videos, but there's some interesting things that you may not have seen before. Mostly VHS but a few DVDs as well.

Record Shelves

I have two of these custom built record cabinets.  Both are 74" high.  Once is 36" wide and the other is 44" wide.

Record Shelves

I also have these two shelves.  They are each 57" high and 23.5" wide.  Cat's are not included... well, maybe the black one. :-)

CD Shelves

I have two of these CD shelves that are 64.5" high and 14.75" wide.

Record Crates

I have several wooden crates and plastic crates but I may have to hold on to a few to store what doesn't sell.  So if you're interested, please leave me your contact info and I'll let you know when they're no longer needed.

CD Storage Table

This is a really handy piece of furniture for storing CDs. It's 25" high and 21" wide.